I got out eventually... (_lisarowe_) wrote in neopet_lovers,
I got out eventually...

special offer

OK, my fellow neopians, heres the deal:

Awhile ago (in like, 2001) I started playing neopets under the account of orca80. I got pretty rich and painted all four of my pets different and rare colors. I made a neohome that now has 38 rooms (no furniture) and a size twelve shop.

Then, I decided to create another account and pretty much forgot about orca80. Eventually, I got a new neohome on that account, furnished it, painted all four pets, got a good shop going, and now I have about 850k. The thing is, I got to thinking and decided I no longer wanted my other account (orca80), so I thought maybe I could sell it.

I want a minimum of 250k for the account. I will give you the password first then you can pay me, so if anyone's gonna get screwed it would be me :)

If there are any takers, comment to this post or email alltheyoungpunks@aol.com. If more than one person is interested, I will give it to the highest bidder. I am trusting that people will be honest and give me the money if I give you the account. Thank you.

This is very crossposted.
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