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new (crossposted to the neopet communities :P)

Hi, I'm iceyfire on neopets. I adopted apuu and zero, then made them what they are by using the lab ray. Sparkling and Tonu are too perfect as is. ^_^

I have a mini gallery of petpets (and items) I like... but my store is mostly a store. *cough* When I actually put items in it! *cough* I spend most of my spare NP on items for my friends' galleries. Don't ask me why.

Neopets doesn't hold my attention often, so I come and go on it. I actually spent an entire year without logging onto it! Scary, huh?

Anyway, I am trying to draw Usuls for Usul Day, but am stuck. I can only draw them in two poses! Any tips for me? (Already been to the HTD page!) Thanks!
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