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So important- please read...

I'm trying to spread the word about something, so please excuse my first post...

I realize I am a new member, and know this can sometimes be bothersome, but I'm trying to spread the word about a petition I created reguarding neopets. As many of you may or may not know, the inflation in Neopia has become insane and rediculous. Less than three years ago, a paint brush could be purchased for 5,000. Many of you who may be newer members probably are feeling your jaws drop open in shock. Because now, they go for over 1mil each in the trading house, similarly in the auction house, and you just can't buy them in shops. (You cannot buy an item over 100,000)

I have created a petition for the neopets staff, asking them to moderate the economy in Neopia so that all items can be within the reach of everyone. Yes, rare items cost more, but in the millions of neopoints is just plain rediculous, not to mention cruel to younger members, who aren't as savvy with gaining points as older members might be.

This site does not spam or sell e-mails, and you'd really be doing Neopets a great favor by at least reading this.

Please click here to read the petition.

I truly appreciate your reading this message.

Elizabeth (aka "schitzorose" on Neopets)
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